trivida® wheels are a family owned company based in Germany, now brought to you by a family business in Australia.

Barrier-free living

trivida® is the world’s first wheel that makes it possible to transfer from and into the wheelchair without any obstacles. Thanks to the revolutionary triatec technology, the upper segment of the wheel can be easily removed so that a lateral transfer from the wheelchair to the external seat and vice versa is possible without any obstacles.

Kristina Vogel

– trivida® Brand ambassador –
Top athlete and World Champion in track cycling Kristina Vogel. She won two Olympic gold medals and was crowned World Champion eleven times, making her the most successful track cyclist of all time. During a training accident in 2018, this exceptional athlete suffered a very serious spinal injury. The accident left Kristina paralysed and she was forced re-learn many everyday tasks. With her positive attitude towards life, Kristina faced and conquered many new challenges with apparent ease. Displaying extraordinary levels of courage, adaptability and determination, she’s become an inspirational role model for others who face similar circumstances.

Today, reducing obstacles in her everyday life – but also in the minds of others – has become an important issue for Kristina Vogel. That’s why she is a fully-committed brand ambassador of trivida® – the brand for barrier-free living. As part of our research and development team, she’s intensively involved in the design of our innovative wheelchair wheel. Kristina constantly contributes her experiences to the product development. But we’ll let her have her say …

a word from Kristina

“I am delighted that I am part of the trivida® team an can contribute my experiences to the development of this innovative wheelchair. I wish I had a wheelchair with trivida® wheels in rehab. Then I would have regained my independence quicker and it also would have relieved the nursing staff.“
~ Kristina

Meet the people behind the trivida® brand.

We start by rethinking, reimagining and seeing things from a different perspective.

Then we begin the development of new solutions. That’s the approach of our innovative trivida® team. Because by doing exactly what others do will not create anything special.

The trivida® brand is owned by the family-run company, P+L Innovations GmbH. Their registered office is located in the healthcare town Bad Krozingen near Freiburg, Germany. With a powerful and diverse combination of skills and experience, the talented trivida® team is constantly looking for innovative solutions to impress wheelchair users with intelligent, obstacle-free solutions. We have high standards. Particularly for ourselves. We’re always aspiring to forge new directions and develop even better product solutions.

Our aim is to create less stress and more inclusion.

Award Winning Invention

Re-inventing the wheel

The history of the trivida® brand started decades ago in Staufen at the foot of the Black Forest, Germany. The qualified designer Christian Czapek, a former student of the design icon Luigi Colani, pursued his vision of improving the design of a wheelchair wheel and thus making life easier for wheelchair users. Inspired by his own brother who relied on a wheelchair, for many years Christian focused intently on the accessibility issue until he had “reinvented” the wheel. Finally, he had designed a stable wheelchair wheel that can be detached and easily dismantled in three equally-sized segments.

In 2019 the owners of the family-run company (P+L Innovations GmbH in Bad Krozingen near Freiburg, Germany), recognised the social potential of this unique invention. With their specialist team, they contributed additional expertise, innovative ideas and technological improvements to further develop the wheel’s design. The final result was a revolutionary wheelchair wheel with what is now called ‘trivida®’. From the initial prototype, to mass production, every detail is taken into consideration and adapted to suit the needs of wheelchair users.

This pioneering wheel – a showcase of German engineering excellence – is just the beginning of many changes to come for wheelchair users. Even more innovative product solutions are already at the development stage. This means that wheelchair users, as well as their relatives and the staff in hospitals, retirement and nursing homes and mobile care services, simply get more out of life.

Australian and New Zealand exclusive importers

trivida® wheels will be brought to Australia and New Zealand by trivida ANZ Pty Ltd, the two directors being Ryan Butler and Jennifer Irvin, they are based just out of Melbourne on the Mornington Peninsula.

Ryan and Jennifer have previously owned a successful healthcare company in Melbourne and understand the sector and its challenges. Ryan’s background is as an ICU nurse in the US, he has worked in the healthcare industry all his professional life.  Jennifer was a management consultant, specialising in program/project implementation and governance, she has a financial and regulatory background.

Their business philosophy is based around contributing to positive health outcomes and being client focussed. They both saw the potential in trivida wheels and the opportunity to make a difference in everyday tasks for people needing a wheelchair; the uniqueness of the product was also exciting.

They can be contacted via email ryan.butler@trivida.com.au or Jennifer.irvin@trivida.com.au or the contact the office on 1300 874 843.

Independence, Mobility & Social Inclusion

A world first, award winning true invention and new to Australia the trivida® detachable wheelchair wheel allows wheelchair users to make an obstacle-free transfer – from and into the wheelchair – for the first time enhancing quality of life & independence for patient/users health outcomes.

Re-inventing the wheel in a good way!