Here’s some answers to the most frequently asked questions.

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Want to find out more about the trivida® wheel? Here’s some answers to the most frequently asked questions.

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How do I get the wheels on my wheelchair?

The trivida® wheel has a universal quick-change axle and can be mounted on almost all wheelchairs.

For the standard 50 mm long bushes with 12 mm diameter, your trivida® wheel is mounted on the wheelchair relatively easily and can be used immediately.  Please note that the brakes may need to be adjusted slightly to ensure they ‘grab’ at the right point ie. not too tight and damage the wheel and not too loose and are not effective.

For wheelchairs with varying 1/2″ axle systems the wheels can be fitted and to do this we would recommend your local Distributor/Stockist. For the few special cases with different axle holders or wheel fastening systems we are happy to advise you and find a technical solution together.

Does the trivida® wheel come with any other parts?

The following is included in the scope of delivery:

  • Quick-change axle: ø 12 mm with 50 mm insertion depth
  • Compatible assembly bush M16 with 50 mm insertion depth
  • Bushes for 1/2″ axle systems
  • Stainless steel nut M16
How long is the guarantee?

Your trivida® wheelchair wheel has a 24-month guarantee on manufacturing defects.

What is the load-bearing capacity of the wheels?

The trivida® wheelchair wheel has a safe working limit for the Plastic wheels of 150kg and 200kg for carbon fibre.

How regularly do the wheels need to be serviced?

It is recommended that trivida® wheels are serviced approximately annually when you service your wheelchair, at your local Distributor or Stockist.  The two main elements that may need to be replaced over the life of the wheels are the bearings in the central hub – they will need to be checked to ensure they are running smoothly and potentially replaced.  The second element is the rubber tyres, for wheels and tyres being used indoors and outside on a regular bases, the tyres will usually last two years.

Independence, Mobility & Social Inclusion

A world first, award winning true invention and new to Australia the trivida® detachable wheelchair wheel allows wheelchair users to make an obstacle-free transfer – from and into the wheelchair – for the first time enhancing quality of life & independence for patient/users health outcomes.

Re-inventing the wheel in a good way!