Transfer & Mobility
trivida® is the world's first wheel that makes possible uncomplicated, obstacle-free lateral transfers.

The transfer from and into the wheelchair

In the everyday life of a wheelchair user, there are countless situations where a change in position is required. For wheelchair users, their family and/or carers, these transfers from and into the wheelchair are a time-consuming and exhaustive task. Depending on individual mobility many wheelchair users rely on help. Even for those who can manage transfers themselves, this may become more difficult with increasing age due to loss of strength or age related mobility restrictions. The easier solution for all involved would be a lateral transfer. However, traditional wheelchairs which protrude over the seat pose a major obstacle.

How does it work?


Position your wheelchair


Put on the brakes


Remove the top segment


Transfer safely & easily

Independence, Mobility & Social Inclusion

A world first, award winning true invention and new to Australia the trivida® detachable wheelchair wheel allows wheelchair users to make an obstacle-free transfer – from and into the wheelchair – for the first time enhancing quality of life & independence for patient/users health outcomes.

Re-inventing the wheel in a good way!