Detachable Wheelchair Wheel
The trivida® detachable wheelchair wheel is a pioneering solution for more inclusion and barrier-free living.

For obstacle-free transfers

The detachable wheelchair wheel from trivida allows wheelchair users to make an obstacle-free transfer – from and into the wheelchair. A pioneering solution for more inclusion and barrier-free living.

How does it work?


Position your wheelchair


Put on the brakes


Remove the top segment


Transfer safely & easily

For whom are trivida wheels most suitable?

trivida® is most suitable for people who struggle when transferring, for example, to the toilet, shower chair, lounge or bed.  Using trivida® wheels requires less strength and limited hand coordination.  The top segment can be removed with little effort and be repositions and clipped in again just as easily.

This means more independence and less energy use for wheelchair users, as well as less assistance and lifting for carers.

Where to buy trivida wheels?

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Greater Safety
Safer transfer and reduced risk of falling out of the wheelchair during the transfer. Safe use of sliding board. Wheelchair stays safely positioned during transfer.
Greater mobility in day-to-day life

The trivida® wheel facilitates mobility for wheelchair users in everyday life. Daily transfers between wheelchair and bed, toilet or shower stool, couch, chair, stair lift or car seat require less energy and are therefore easier.

Greater independence. Better quality of life.

With newly acquired mobility, wheelchair users can handle everyday life independently and enjoy a better quality of life.

More fun in the community

With increasing inclusion in the public sphere, mobile transfers become more and more important. Whether visiting a beer garden, restaurant, cinema or theatre, the trivida wheel allows for a less physically stressful and more dignified seat to seat transfer. As such, this innovative, new product is contributing joy and goodwill throughout the community.

Less strain for family and friends

Family and friends of wheelchair users can be required to assist with transfers to and from the chair. Depending on the level of mobility of the wheelchair user, this can build to become a permanent strain on the back, particularly for carers over the long term. With the wheel from trivida®, wheelchair users are less reliant on assistance. In fact, depending on their level of mobility, may even manage the transfer entirely by themselves. A great relief for loved ones and for the person in the wheelchair too, the trivida wheel can help create a sense of fun and relaxation more often.

Greater personal dignity

Barrier-free transfer for greater independence and mobility in your day-to-day life.

Transfer & Mobility

The transfer from and into the wheelchair – an enormous feat. In the everyday life of a wheelchair user, there are countless situations where a change in position is required.


Clinical Trials

Our clinical study has now also achieved great results that demonstrate the positive benefits of the wheel are pleased that a clinical study has now also achieved great results that demonstrate the positive benefits of the detachable wheelchair wheel.


Technology & Material

Thanks to the revolutionary triatec® technology, the upper segment of the wheel can be easily removed so that a lateral transfer from the wheelchair to the external seat and vice versa is possible without any obstacles.



The durable, puncture-proof, solid rubber tyre ensures excellent shock-absorption. Even better, it will not leave any wheel tracks, even on indoor surfaces.


Independence, Mobility & Social Inclusion

A world first, award winning true invention and new to Australia the trivida® detachable wheelchair wheel allows wheelchair users to make an obstacle-free transfer – from and into the wheelchair – for the first time enhancing quality of life & independence for patient/users health outcomes.

Re-inventing the wheel in a good way!